{ Dream }

My new single "Dream" The incredible collaboration of author, singer songwriter Russell Foisy and Italian instrumental soundtrack composer 9G along with beautiful vocal harmony from Katy Stone allow this dream to come true. A great subject to write about, as I believe to dream every night about everything, do your dreams make sense?


{ Never Any War }

War is a senseless act, sit down now and talk through your problems.

{ School Bully }

When all else fails, and push comes to shove, you gotta knock down that school bully, enough said!

{ Alone }

The homeless is an emotional subject for me, may the lord above look out and protect you.

{ Escape From the Rat Race }

We have all felt like checking out these last two years, could you live off the land?

{ Causeway Bridge }

My tribute to an area of Florida I have enjoyed spending time for over 30 years.



{ M.O. (Modus Operandi) }

This phrase is used so often in and around
crime scenes and investigations.

{ Shame Spill }

My tribute to the lost lives in this senseless
tragedy due to quota and greed.

{ Constructive or Destructive }

Four or Five piece bands just do not get along and
I wonder why when ideas, thoughts and creativity
should bring people together. Egos stand in this way.

{ Pride }

When two parties disagree, this word stands
very large in between them.

{ Survival on the Street }

A true story of our encounter with a homeless
women at a traffic light intersection.

{ Smile }

There should be more of this in the world,
enough said just smile.

{ On My Own in San Anton }

The story of an individual journey through the Air Force
basic training in San Antonio Texas.

{ Golden Heart }

The true feelings between a mother and daughter.

{ Special Girl }

The wrong verdict in this sensational trial in Florida
and my heart pours out to the one who suffered.

{ Vigilante Watch }

Again in Florida, another senseless wrong verdict,
a life lost for no reason.

{ Love Will Always Find a Way }

There will be detours in life, but feelings never lost,
Love Will Always Find a Way.



{ I See the Light A Cappella Introduction }

This a beginning short interlude sound effect, vocal
set up, reflection with the end being near.

{ I See the Light }

Many people are living with terminal illness and their
own wish is to ease their suffering. One famous individual
received criticism for ending this pain, although the patient
and their loved ones authorized this process.

{ Cones }

I live in a state where there is a lot of construction and
two lanes expanding to four lane roads. There is one
stretch of road for about 3 miles that had plenty of cones,
barricades, detour signs, large dirt piles. This area was a
mess for several years.

{ Stomp the A.N.T.S. }

There is always someone very negative telling you cannot
do something for various reasons.  It is never too late
to obtain any goal you choose. A.N.T.S. stands for
Automatic Negative Thought Syndrome

{ Space Arrest }

This song was inspired by a futuristic view of
prison in outer space. An arrest takes place and
a claim, “it was not me” and continues to protest
to the judge, but after the booking and final
verdict, is resigned to the end of time is the final fate.

{ Angel }

This song is about a huge heart,
always willing to help others and
teaching how to love again.

{ Two Feet On The Ground }

My Mom was a guiding force in my life. She was always
there for me in so many good and bad times. I chose
some of my real life teenage experiences between
us, as she will understand and appreciate.

{ I’ve Never Been Down }

My Dad was also a strong support system in my life to
always keep me upbeat and on track. Our home was on
King Phillip Rd. in Rhode Island. Playing catch and
Baseball Little League was a special time.

{ Border War }

The story of our current United States/Mexico border.
There are so many people that just want a chance in
the United States to learn, enjoy plenty of
food, water, work and hope.