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Great today celebrating the life of my dear Friend "Western Guitar Bob Cummings" singing the classics he loved so much, great to see Craig, Rich, John. Mike, Joann, Art, Taylor and thank you Candy for putting this celebration together. Bob already said he loved it!

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Thank you Han with Musicinfo for arranging my song Love Will Always Find a Way
in the #4 position with 34 million streams to date and 650,000 followers in a very popular China playlist.
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I am so excited to introduce my music to China beginning with "Love Will Always Find a Way"

I am pleased to announce I will be working with a gifted singer songwriter musician Kory Manchester, as we work on some new Russell Foisy songs, my current songs and cover material. I look forward to each practice, thank you Kory.
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Our country is in crisis. The lyrics of this title track from my second CD have meaning "think before you choose"
here is the debut of my new You Tube Video "Constructive or Destructive".

How cool is this, I am being nominated in six categories in the ISSA 2020 Music Awards in Male Vocalist, Male Rising Star, Album of the Year with Constructive or Destructive, Male single of the year and Music Video of the year in Survival on the Street and Emerging Artist of the Year. Please vote for me,results are in May 2nd.  https://www.poll-maker.com/QJHSZ0O

We lost our precious baby Daisy due to kidney renal failure, she was only 7 years old and brought us so much love and joy. Please hug your animal tonight and be thankful. We will meet again my baby, rest in peace, we love you

Original Lyrics Dream Radio is on iHeart Radio

Stitcher, Google Play Music and Spotify for Podcasters for the replay of our show.

I am honored to have my music accepted by AWAL, a London based distribution powered by Kobalt. I look forward to all the exciting digital and licensing opportunity.

Thank you Paul for the airplay opportunity please listen to Russell Foisy & Kham Loraamm
music on this cool FM station in Palm Harbor Florida, where I live.

Thank you Colleen Bradham for inviting me to be a guest judge at the Westchase Applebee's for the Clear Track Studios Idol Contest. There were some great singers tonight and some tough decisions. I hope to be back as a judge. The final is June 13th.https://www.instagram.com/p/Bi3YbSPlOQd/


please join me for a special radio interview Thursday 7pm EST with legandary jazz musician Rich Pulin where Rich will play all my tracks from my
CD Constructive or Destructive.


Please check out my NEW video for "Smile" from my CD Constructive or Destructive.

Russell Foisy's song "Cones" is included in a Iceland compilation cd titled Rock N Bones

How cool is this Joey Welz with my non exclusive label Canadian American Records has nominated me
for a Grammy for Best "Rock Album of the Year". WOW!

"I am very happy with my second #1 song in the Independent Music Network, this time on the IMN Country Music Charts with On My Own in SanAnton. I had a #1 with I See the Light on the IMN mainstream charts as well. Thank You to all the listeners and votes coming in".


The recording sessions for Harvey Myers and Kham Loraamm are going very well, see the photos enclosed. Very gifted artists with unique talents with Kham's second cd and Harvey's first, The next recording sessions are the end of February and produced by my Island Dream Records, Inc.

Island Dream Records Inc. is here, a record label no, but my new business entity for Russell Foisy lyrics and music and I produce other artists such as the great Kham Loraamm and Harvey Myers. I am currently working with both on their new cd projects in studio. This falls all under one corporation umbrella. Please log on to my new Island Dream Records, Inc. FB page and say hello.

From my contact Debi Fee with the IMN Network. Debii worked with Dick Clark back in the day and has told me great stories. IMN is going to Nashville for the CRS below and my song On My Own in SanAnton could be sitting #1 in the Country charts, please vote for me https://www.independentmusicnetwork.com/ccharts.php

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We go to CRS in Nashville. That is the country radio seminar which is been going on for I guess 50 years where all the radio guys ,programmers,artists, managers, record labels --you name it come together in Nashville and everybody goes to everybodys showcase and to be truthful it is crazy. So we do interviews, host a showcase, shows are played and all that. So Country artists love to be on this run in Feb.

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From: John Perterson
To: rfoisy@tampabay.rr.com
Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2016 11:19 PM
Subject: RE: Music Blog Submission (Accepted!)

Hello Russell,

We appreciate your interest in releasing your music with us! After reviewing your music, we have concluded it would be good fit to do a article for your brand. We loved the music and image & We are very careful of who we select due to our main demographic. Our readers are mostly in United States , Asia & Europe and many are consumer based readers, since your music matches our brand we would love to give you a headlining article that is promoted daily.

We post and promote you to all our followers with guaranteed results. We have a base of over email 900,000+ subscribers & 500,000 social media followers (all accounts) world wide right now so exposure through our network is easy for independent and new music. The deadline for this offer is in 48 hours so just let me know and we can get started. We cannot disclose which blogs will post your music until posted but every blog receives traffic in the thousands hourly.

To: <rfoisy@tampabay.rr.com>
Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2016 4:46 PM
Subject: Reviewed!...Your music was approved by a musicSUBMIT.com review site

Hello MusicSUBMIT Artist --
Your music has been pre-screened and approved. Here's what happens next:

>>We'll download your mp3's from your MusicSUBMIT artist profile.

Please reply to this email at your earliest convenience to confirm receipt and to check our review/rotation schedules. Also, you may email any additional materials not included in your MusicSUBMIT press kit.

>> You may also send us your hardcopy CD to our address below
>> Email a high-quality and fully-tagged mp3 song file (reply and attach to this email)

Great music! Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!

Stay in touch, follow us on social media!

Valley FM 89.5
P.O. Box 112, Erindale
Canberra, Australia, 2903

Update; I just spent a exciting hour listening in length to your new
This is the best damm new album I've heard all year. You Really Rock


constructove or destructive cdNEW CD IT'S HERE! YES!!!
Constructive or Destructive is out and released with an official cd party November 4th Friday at Organic Life Coffeehouse in Palm Harbor Florida. There are 11 new tracks of very verstaile new music and I am very proud of this effort. It's available for purchase in my merch tab for $9.99.

Please check it out.

I have some exciting news, beginning in October, I will be co producing and singing background vocals on my friend and Artists One Show partner Kham Loraamm's second untitled CD and co producing with background vocals on a track for my friend, long standing Tampa Bay gig artist and host at Nauti Nancy's Tuesday Open mic Harvey Myers first untitled CD. I am honored to be working with these two extremely talented individuals and I thank you. We expect the cd releases around April 2017 and I promise you, this will be some great music. My second cd release long awaited, the end of September.

How cool is this? Border War being spun by Channel Radio Tinnie 6 in the UK

Please listen to and vote for Kham Loraamm in the IMN Network,
Russell Foisy produced his cd titled Writing in the Stars and sings background voacals on the first track called Holly's Song.

http://www.independentmusicnetwork.com/mcharts.php… this clip of the June IMN show segment is cool, thanks Buck. Kham Loraamm is from 8:39 to 11:07 of the show



Check out border war at 1:16:44 cool mix and closing the mix tape Woodbury is with USF Bulls Radio COOL!!


We are very excited for Kham. Click the link aboveto his first broadcast on the IMN Syndicated Radio Network where Kham debuted at #31.
Kham is on from 8:51 to 11:25 in the link, they mispronounced both of our names, oh well. Too cool!!!!

The record label Canadian American Records has just released a new compilation cd titled "Winter Worldwide Radio Singles"
and is being sent to 9000 radio stations worldwide. 2 songs by Russell Foisy, "Border War" and "I've Never Been Down" are featured on this compliation cd.

From: NumberOneMusic
To: Russell Foisy
Sent: Wednesday, February 03, 2016 10:09 AM
Subject: Russell Foisy, Your songs in Top 100 Charts, week 05/2016

NumberOneMusic.com URL: http://www.numberonemusic.com/russellfoisy
N1M Short URL: http://n1m.co/russellfoisy

NumberOneMusic Charts | week 05, 2016

Hi Russell Foisy!

Congratulations, Your songs in Top 100 N1M Charts!



Russell Foisy is very happy to be working with Joey Welz with Canadian American records, where a very young Paul Simon was once affiliated. Joey was part of Bill Haley and the Comets at one time, famous for the song Rock around the Clock. He looks forward to working with Joey and the thousands of radio connections around the world.

From: Canadian American
To: Russell Foisy
Sent: Thursday, October 08, 2015 5:51 AM
Subject: Re: Russell Foisy

russell, great music, you are a visionary, Please give us a call at your earliest convience, JOEY WELZ, CEO
JOEY WELZ-CEO-Canadian American Records
Box 808, Lititz, PA 17543 USA 717-627-4800

Russell Foisy is pleased to be working with Laure Plasson to promote his music all over the world and to potentially book gigs on a local and international level. Laure resides in Angers, France. Laure, welcome to the team!

My name is Laure, I am an independent booking agent in the following music genres: POP, ROCK, R&B.

Previously, I have worked for an artist management agency based in London as an A&R Scout. It's been four years I work for artists by contacting management companies, record labels (independent and major ones), festivals/clubs, radios for them (USA, Europe, Australia). I can also help with developing your image as an artist.

Russell Foisy is proud to be connected to Chaos Music Distribution


Russell Foisy shout out on Twitter from the UK Radio Station

Thank you for submitting your music for the Chaos Music compilations. I checked out your music and would like to include you. If you haven't already, take a look at our website for more details on the compilations at chaosmusicdistribution.com. If you have any questions or you are ready to move forward, send me an email and I can get you the info on getting your music to us. Thanks!


Chaos Music

Oct. 16, 2015


I preface my remarks to be sincere and honest, as I will mentor and guide you to elevate your career as a song writer and artist on CANADIAN AMERICAN RECORDS. Thank you for the T-Shirt , but most of all for placing your music in my legendary hands. YOU ARE A VISIONARY AND AN ARTIST WHO CRAFTS HIS SONG IDEAS THAT ARE CREATIVE AND ORIGINAL IN A MUSICAL BED OF DELIGHTFUL SOUNDS THAT ARE MEMORABLE AND SELF IDENTIFING. We delight in the discovery process and feel we have discovered a diamond in the rough and will take pride in polishing you for the next level as an international artist.

Welcome to Canadian American where our tradition is built
solidly on our hit past:

Joey Welz(\ceo)C/A Records
(USA) 717 627-4800

Russell Foisy, Spencer Bradham & Kham Loraamm recorded an acoustically driven masterpiece today in Studio A!

BOOK YOUR NEXT SESSION IN CLEAR TRACK STUDIO A: 727.449.8888 Thank You Colleen, this is for track 4, I am very happy with this song!

Thank You Rich Pulin for the monthly radio interviews live from
Las Vegas to play our music

for worldwide recognition
Pulin 4 Jazz Radio Station
All music genres.
Broadcast Live in 196 countries live and in real time.

Congrats! You're charting on Veromuse!

Original Lyrics Dream
I See the Light a Capella Introduction
Check the charts now!

Congrats! You're on the Explore Leaderboard

Original Lyrics Dream
I See the Light a Capella Introduction
Looks like a lot of people have been upvoting your song!

I am very proud to be working with Acousticart Records (click here)
in Austria, to begin promoting my song Space Arrest, I look forward in working with Stephan.


An update on my first studio session on June 20th for my new cd, which will be released around January 2016. Here are a couple of photos, taken with guitar genius Kham Loraamm and our engineer Spencer Bradham and me with headphones ready for a first vocal take. The session went great and we have the tone and structure for the very first track. I will post new photos along the way.

All the Best, Russell

Russell Foisy spotlight in
American Pride Magazine

Check out this Russell Foisy Interview with
ArtistFirst Radio Network

From the Beginning

On November 15th, 2013 after eight months in the recording studio, my life long dream came true with my first cd of original lyrics titled "Original Lyrics Dream". Thank you so much to Kham Loraamm, David Pezza and Josh Gould for taking part during this time. I look forward to every session at Clear Track Studios.

My tracks are being played across the globe and I have met some GREAT people. What a thrill to see my listeners and where they are from in different parts of the planet. I have well over 60,000 fans between Internet radio, FM radio airplay, Facebook, You Tube and Reverbnation, and never imagined there be ONE. Thank You.

I discovered FM radio promotion with Music Submit, a New York based company. Music Submit introduced me to John Clare with Radio Johnbc in the United Kingdom. Streaming exciting new Independent internet music 24/7. John recently said "I just listened to I See The Light on the Rock @ breakfast playlist. A great way to start the day". Thank You, John, for your kindness and friendship. I have now on FM Radio and internet radio around the world. It is so cool to receive a twitter alert and hear my song 'Border War" to close the EGH Radio Show. Thank You Anne.

We continue to practice our music on a weekly basis. Kham Loraamm, our guitarist and great musician also has a solo cd titled "Writing in the Stars"beginning with the first Clear Track recording session on March 22, 2014. Kham plays electric, acoustic guitar, violin, bass and vocals. He was brilliant on my cd Original Lyrics Dream, check out the solos! I was the producer on his cd and contributed background vocals on a track 'Holly's Song". I will be back in studio for my second untitled cd on June 20th, 2015 and have already selected the 10 new tracks of original lyrics, rock and acoustic sound. Looking to forward to working with Spencer Bradham again in studio.


New Compliation album from XMetal EmpireX,my song Space Arrest is the third track. Thank You Paulo Janero from Portugal. 

New CD Release Kham Loraamm, my lead guitarist
"Writing in the Stars"
Produced by Russell Foisy
Available for purchase HERE

New Music CD

Second Life Club Invincible John Clare / Russell Foisy venture

I am very pleased to announce this venture with John, in addition to live gigs, you have the ability to reach out and connect with your fans to host a virtual online concert. The time is now! Individual or company sponsored events and ad space is also available. Please inquire here.

Kham Loraamm's first cd
"Writing in the Stars"

Drum roll please, the time is here for my friend and lead guitarist Kham Loraamm's first cd "Writing in the Stars". Ten creative original tracks of smart music.
Kham's first track "Holly's Song" debuted on www.radiojohnbc.com in the UK with this voice introduction. I produced the cd and in the first minutes I heard Kham on a demo in 2012, I was a believer. I am very proud of you.

Introducing Artists One Show

Artists One Show with Russell Foisy

Artists One Show was created to highlight the orginal lyrics/music performance, along with some cover material we enjoy. The group name came from an artist, a painter begins with a blank canvas as compared to the songwriter of lyrics/composer of music begins with a blank piece of paper or the empty word document. We look forward to playing any venue large or small, house parties and backyard gigs.

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