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"Off the cuff conversation in the music industry"

Original Lyrics Dream Radio

"This has been a Great run of a show!  I would like to personally thank both of you for allowing me on as a guest two times.  I look forward to what the future holds for the both of you."

~ Andrew Appletree

"Sorry to hear this.  Such Great entertainment is coming to an end.  I hope you all come back."

~ Norna Cekol

"We Always enjoyed this,sorry to see you two go."

~ Bryson Hendricks

"Sorry to hear this buddy.  Always enjoyed the show and the guest you had on."

~ Jimmie G.

"Ahh so sorry to hear this Bill.  I loved the show.  Such great talent you had on each week.  Really a joy to listen to. "

~ Breanda S. C.

"Thank You guys for letting me be a part of your show.  You guys Rock!  Best to you both."

~ Brian Iannucci

"was lucky enough to be asked to be on once...thank you guys for a wonderful run of great music and unique conversation!!!"

~ Mark Jones

"You two Rock!!!"

~ Rosie B.

"Oh no Bill.  So sorry to hear that.  I really enjoyed the show."

~ Maureen Sanders

"I wait to see you all return, even better, if that's even possible"

~ Marggie W.

"loved hearing all the artist you had on"

~ Claire Heath

"Wanted to sincerely thank you for including me in your show(s).Your support means everything Chesney Claire.          Russell, I'm sad to hear this great project is coming to an end. It was an honor to be part of it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that experience. Your work bringing the music community together over so many episodes is a thing of wonder. I am glad to know the episodes will be available  and appreicate the link. I feel there is a treasure trove of great conversation to listen to and inspiration
to be gained. I'll visit your social media and keep connect with you that way. All the best and thanks again for the wonderful service you brought over the years.

And yes, keep trying no matter what!

cheers, matey"


"This is sad news indeed. However, I wish you the very best on your journey. Your music is beautiful. I hope you will continue to write your songs and sing them. Thank you for having me on your show, it was an honor. The very best to you and your wonderful artist guest on the 9th. I am sure it will be a great last show.  Stay safe, well and happy now and always.

With warmest best regards, gratitude and respect, Piyali."       

"Hi Mr. Foisy, so very sorry to hear this. It was a pleasure working with you, hope we will work together again.
God Bless,"


"Hi Russell,

"Thank you for everything you have done with your wonderful Original Lyrics Dream Radio.  I appreciated you highlighting my music and that of other indie artists.  I wish you all the very best and we will see each other on socials.

All the best,"

"Your show was a blessing to us indie artists! Thank you! Beverly Heath.  I’m sorry to hear that it’s coming to an end brother……"

~ Mark DiPietro


Original Lyrics Dream Radio, sad to say is coming to an end, final episode on March 9th at 8:30pm. It has been a blessing to me, back in May 2019 the idea of bringing on artists to discuss their inspiration behind the lyrics and music was always a dream of mine.  We had incredible guests take their time to give advice and pay it forward to the new singer songwriter musician. I hope we were successful to provide quality entertainment, music and conversation. Thank you Bill Miller for joining me on this journey, we developed a lasting friendship. You will continue to see me and my music throughout social media, all of my episodes will be stored on my website www.russellfoisymusic.com. As I closed the show every week, "remember everyone try no matter what you're told".

Thank you! ~ Russell Foisy

We are happy to let you know that today we play your music.
We are sending the following Tweet:
Thu, Jan 19 at 7:44 AM (Pacific Time), and 7:44 PM, we play 'Vigilante Watch' by Russell Foisy @russell1670 at #Indie shuffle Classics show

My song Dream is #3 on Banks Australian Radio!!

dream music single by russell foisy
featured music artist russell foisy

Nice! I am the featured artist on Lonely Oak Radio

Causeway Bridge EP episode "Live" on The Original Lyrics Dream Radio Show

The day is here! Russell Foisy's new music Causeway Bridge EP with 5 New tracks of original music. Russell said "It was a lot of fun in the recording process" and he'll talk about the motivation and behind the scenes on each song. And a special guest singer, songwriter and musician Kory Manchester will join Russell live. LISTEN HERE

On Thursday June 30th at 8:30pm, listen live to the Russell Foisy new five track "Causeway Bridge EP" blogtalkradio.com/originallyricsdreamradio with a special guest. We had a lot of fun in studio since last fall, very excited to release the new songs.

This Thursday December 30th at 8:30 pm join Russell Foisy @russell1670 The host of Original Lyrics Dream Radio, he will be featuring an end of year 2021 episode with music from fabulous artists including @TracesofDawn be sure to tune in! https://t.co/vOkQvyvXPb

WOW #1 and #6 on Shift Radio in the UK

A very proud moment on July 8th our 100th episode of Original Lyrics Dream Radio, a look back from show one May 16, 2019 to current. We speak with original artists from all countries across the planet on their motivation behind the lyrics and music.

"TDawn is sTDawn kind to place our radio show Original Lyrics Dream Radio as a BTD Radio partner. Please tune into Beyond the Dawn Radio as they help the artist music be heard, pay it forward" https://www.btdradio.com/partners/

We sent the following Tweet: Thursday, June 10 at 6:40 AM (Pacific Time) , and 6:40 PM, we play 'Vigilante Watch' by Russell Foisy @russell1670 at #Indie shuffle Classics show, @LonelyOakradio Listen to LonelyOakradio.com It makes a difference!

The Shift Music (@the_shift_music) tweeted at 11:30 PM on Wed, Jun 02, 2021: Don't mind us... we're busy trying to create #TheMusicRevolution We are now playing: On My Own In SanAnton' by 'Russell Foisy' @russell1670 https://t.co/WZl3dXWD7O

From: Carmine Cestari
Date: Fri, May 7, 2021, 8:49 AM
Subject: Re: Russell Foisy
To: Russell Foisy
Hi guys tonight you are at radio gbj alternative rock, 20.50 hours warn the fans. www.spreaker.com/show/gbj-alternative-rock Radio gbj alternative rock SPREAKER.COM Radio gbj alternative rock

"I am glad to inform you about airplay of the song:

RUSSELL FOISY - Vigilante Watch in TJ´s Muse Bridge Listen & Chat show on Museboat Live channel this Sunday, November 29th, 2020 at 10pm London which is 11pm Berlin, 12pm Athens, 5pm New York, 4pm Saint Louis, 2pm Las Vegas, 7pm Rio de Janeiro, 9am Sydney time.

Find an interactive playlist with chatroom access at Tj´s Muse Bridge Show Playlist You are warmly welcomed to join us in the chatroom on Sunday to listen and chat with other artists, fans and Museboat supporters."

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm00DUdqqIQ russel foisy music

My track M.O. is #26 for the month of July in Australia!
Banks Radio Australia Top 40 tracks for July 2020

1. Signal 13 Band - Stay With Me
2. IZZ - The Soul of Music - 
3. The Sea At Midnight - We Share The Same Stars - Shameless Promotion PR
4. The Pozers - Goodbye (I’m Gone)
5. The City Gates - Siegfried 1969
6. Xotic Yeyo - Bad Romance - Curtain Call Records
7. The Black Academy - My remedy (LEGENDADO)
8. Lucas Aaron - Make a Move
9. White Collar Sideshow - Bring Out Your Dead
10. UmruKa - Не йди" (Don't leave)
11. The Capollos - Electrify - @the lost agency pr
12. Redwolves - Rigid Generation
13. Sheenjek - Monkey Brains 
14. Ramallah - Dead Boys
15. GIANTS CHAIR - Russian Racehorse
16. Three Beards - driven
17. Cat Ryan - Blessed Through The TV
18. Jennifer Mlott - You Promised
19. Space Captain - Birthday Cards 
20. The Silent Mile - Set Me Free
21. Infared -  Meet My Standards
22. DEUCES WILD - Don’t You Know
23. None to No One - Seeds Nolan Capps
24. Robeone - Mountain Return
25. Professor B and the Army of Love - Skank
26. Russell Foisy - M.O.

If anyone missed my interview here is the link from 15:04 to 31:38 of the show Bill Everatt with Celtica Radio in the UK featuring Survival on the Street and Smile http://s124347079.websitehome.co.uk/audio/edition.mp3

Kham Loraamm: Singer, Songwriter and Multi Talented Musician 05/16 by Russell Foisy | Rock Music

I am very excited to now have my own radio show titled Original Lyrics Dream Radio, where I will interview the singer, songwriter and musician on the inspiration behind their songs, lyrics and chords. As we complete interviews, they will be placed in this tab.

Please enjoy as I host the Help2Succeed Radio Show interviews with Elizabeth Sullivan, Ron Kule and Timberwood
Meet Russell Foisy – New Radio Show Host at

Help 2 Succeed

Interview with Ronald Joseph Kule - Published Author, Biographer Ghostwriter

Meet Russell Foisy – New Radio Show Host at

Help 2 Succeed

Interview with EC Sullivan - Painting Aliveness and Living by the Brush

Meet Russell Foisy – New Radio Show Host at

Help 2 Succeed

Click Here for Article



Enjoy 24/7 this great web based radio station in the UK, as my friend John Clare is playing Russell Foisy music
daily from my cd's Original Lyrics Dream & Constructive or Destructive.

https://youtu.be/ 5sm3ugHN8NM
GREAT NEWS I received an email from Paul Kempter owner of WZIG FM in Palm Harbor on the live radio and online. So far, In addition to my song Constructive or Destructive, Paul is placing Kham Loraamm's Celtic Kona in rotation, last aired on 10/26 and 11/3. We now have 2 songs in, could be more!

Cones will be played on Sweet Sunday Sounds in Australia, cool!


Thank you Paul for the airplay opportunity please listen to Russell Foisy & Kham Loraamm
music on this cool FM station in Palm Harbor Florida, where I live.

Russell Foisy featured on Radio Show

The Night Flight Radio Show January 19th 2018 by Steve Perz | Mixcloud

NHTE 145 Russell Foisy with Kham Loraamm

A singer/songwriter who performs in a duo and brought his duo partner with him for this interview. The former just completed recording his newest project and he is currently ranked number two on ReverbNation for his area. His colleague, a multi-instrumentalist, is in the process of recording an EP (his second). They recorded this interview the day before the release party for Foisy’s new CD. READ MORE >

Thank you Tinnie 6 for spinning my song Angel

Thank you Tinnie 6 for spinning my song Vigilante Watch

Thank you Tinnie 6 for spinning my song Love Will Always Find a Way

My song Vigilante Watch is spinning in the UK

My interview with Bill Everatt in the UK

Please Follow Russell Foisy on

From: <submit@musicsubmit.com>
To: <rfoisy@tampabay.rr.com>
Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2016 1:28 PM
Subject: Reviewed!...Your music was accepted by a musicSUBMIT.com review site

Dear Artist,

I have reviewed your music via musicSUBMIT.com and like what I hear.

Crescent City Radio is a New Orleans based internet radio station that accepts indie artists' music as part of our music rotations. Your music is added to our rotations which run between shows.

If you would like to have your music to be played on our station please send us your music. We prefer CD's if you have one, or you can email us an mp3 at ccrloyno@gmail.com, or mail us a cd at:

Crescent City Radio c/o Jay Crutti
6363 Saint Charles Avenue, Box 8
New Orleans, LA 70118

Also, feel free to visit us at www.crescentcityradio.com

Thank you for your time,
Crescent City Radio

Crescent City Radio - Loyola University
6363 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans,Louisiana 70118



Listen to Russell Foisy on


https://twitter.com/russell1670 The Border War Tweet on Coast to Coast

Vote for my song 'Border War' on #Coast2Coast Mixtape #Rock Edition Vol. 9! http://c2c.fm/j8BTk

Your song was just spun on the station!

Station Link: Coast 2 Coast FM - Russell Foisy - Stomp the A.N.T.S.

Every time your track plays we also send out a tweet via @Coast2CoastFM so be sure to look for that!

Please be sure your Twitter and other information is updated on your Coast 2 Coast profile, that way we can tag you everytime we spin your track! Be sure your Twitter is connected on the "Social" tab so the tweets work properly.


Coast 2 Coast Radio

Thank you woodburydaprince with The House of Woodbury on USF Bulls Radio for placing my
song Border War at the end 1:16:45 in of this cool mixtape (click image above).

Hi Russell

Thank you very much for your music and our acceptance.

We will start your page on Apr,18.

Jun Kinjo /JPOM music
Independent Music Distribution Overseas

Very proud to announce through my label Canadian American Records, I've Never Been Down is now playing on AM & FM radio in The Netherlands, Germany and Minnesota in the US.

From: Discover Media UK
To: Russell Foisy
Sent: Tuesday, February 02, 2016 10:28 AM
Subject: Re: Discover Media UK

Hi Russell,

Thanks for getting back to us, looking at our website and sending in your MP3 "Angel" we love the track and have had it placed on the playlist at London FM Radio who are on our network.

You can Tune in here:




Russell Foisy shout out on Twitter from the UK Radio Station


Russell Foisy, a wonderfully versatile singer-songwriter

recording his vocals with Spencer Bradham in Studio A.

                              Russell Foisy: Radio Airplay and Radio Interviews


Coast2Coast FM Radio
On FM radio and I am part of these mixtape compilation albums
Rock Stars mixtape volume 7, 11, 12
Pop Stars mixtape 6 & 14
Country Stars mixtape volume 2&4
We workin mixtape volumes 90, 95, 103, 117, 193
Indie Instrumentals top 50 volume 65
Makin Moves mixtapes volume 224 & 305

Independent Music Network California Syndicated Radio
My song I See the Light was charted #1 in August 2015 and my song Border War as high as #4

Take 2 Radio Episode 84 Pam P.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bQGrxK-6RA   45:06 in Angel and I See the Light featured

All the FM stations playing my song Angel:

WBTX Chicago, Illinois USA
WBTS St. Louis, Missouri
WGBT Berlin, Germany
WSBT Stockholm, Sweden
WBBT Brasilia, Brazil
KXRL Radio Los Angeles CA
KEDG Radio Sydney Australia
KHSX Radio Houston TX
WLDN Radio London UK
WMIC Radio Miami Fl
KSPR Radio San Francisco CA
KBPR Radio Bostom MA
KPPR Radio Paris France
KRPR Radio Rome Italy
KMPR Radio Milano, Phillippines
Hot FM KHTL Radio Los Angeles, CA.
Hot FM KHTP Radio, Pheonix, Arizona
Hot FM KHTS Radio Shangai, China
Hot FM KHTI Radio, Istanbul Turkey
HotFM KHTB Buenos Aires Radio,Buenos Aires Argentina
A-Pulse Radio Atlanta Georgia
C-Pulse Radio Capetwon South Africa
J-Pulse Radio Jakata, Indonesia
M-Pulse Radio Mumbai India
S-Pulse Radio Seoul South Korea
Jam FM Radio Philadelphia PA
Jam FM Radio Seattle, WA
Jam FM Radio Moscow Russia
Jam FM Radio Bangkok, Thailand
Jam FM Radio Sao Paulo Brazil
Vibe FM Radio Deroit Michigan
Vibe FM Radio Toronto Canada
Vibe FM Radio Mexico City Mexico
Vibe FM Radio Madrid Spain
Vibe FM Radio Dubai Untied Arab Erimates
WXAF FM Tampa Florida
WXAL FM Radio Lima Peru
KXAM FM Radio Melbourne Austrlaia
KXAC FM Radio Casablanca Morocco
KXAE FM Radio Alexandria Egypt
WSTR FM Radio Portland OR
WSTX FM Radio Santiago Chile
KSTR FM Radio Taipei City Taiwan
WJST FM Radio Johannesburg South Africa
WSTN FM Radio Lasos Nigeria
Recent FM Radio Airplay: my song Two Feet on the Ground

KAFM Grand Junction CO   


Davis, CA


Olympia WA               


College Station, TX


Santa Barbara CA             


Everett, WA


Tampa Fl


Hartford CT


Erie PA      


Redway, CA


St. Louis, MO


Rockland, ME


West Hartford CT


Minneapolis, MN


Tucson AZ


Hanalei, HI


Riverside, CA


Ruston, LA


Moab, UT


Arcata, CA


Santa Cruz


Superior, WI


Rolla, MO


Pullman, WA


Nevada City, CA


Berkeley, CA


New York, NY


Walla Walla, WA


Portland, OR


Bowling Green, OH


Point Reyes Station, CA


Shreveport, LA


Waltham, MA


Gunnison, CO


Santa Clara, CA


Pemberton, NJ


Stillwater, OK


Northfield, MN


Ann Arbor, MI


Riverside, CA


Fairbanks, AK


Cleveland, OH


Redway, CA


San Antonio, TX


Williamsburg, VA


Rockland, ME


Kingsville, TX


East Lansing, MI



Vancouver, WA

 RadioAirplay.org Report  For my song I See the Light June 2015
Number: Radio station: Airplays:
1 The Hits 31
2 Stigma FM 30
3 Radio Atlantis 29
4 Radio Arabella 28
5 Radio Deejay 93.6 28
6 Disco Station 27
7 City Music 25
8 Kiss Delta 25
9 Nova FM 25
10 Radio Sauerland 24
11 Radio Zurisee 24
12 Pro FM 23
13 Radio Norge 22
14 Radio 7 22
15 Radio MAX 21
16 Cool FM 21
17 Radio Alla 21
18 Rouge FM 21
19 Azur FM 20
20 Totem 20
21 NRG 95 20
22 Jemne Melodie 20
23 Excite FM 20
24 Connect FM 20
25 Radio 8 19
26 Mix FM 19
27 Radio VLR 19
28 Flor FM 19
29 Ouest FM 19
30 Radio Zaprešić 19
31 Radio Prime 19
32 Traffic Radio 19
33 Radio Minisat 19
34 Radio Essen 18
35 HR3 18
36 Hay FM 105,5 18
37 Radio Fresh 18
38 Radio Sydhavsoerne 18
39 89.5 Music FM 18
40 Radio FM95 18
41 Meyrin FM 18
42 Radio Euskirchen 17
43 Radio Scoop 17
44 Top FM 17
45 SuperRadio 17
46 Radio Freee 17
47 WFM Radio 16
48 The Voice 16
49 Mez Radio 16
50 Glow FM 16
51 RBB Fritz 15
52 The Voice Fresh 15
53 Radio RVA 15
54 Bylgjan 98,9 15
55 Red FM 15
56 Your Radio 15
57 Mažeikių Aidas 15
58 Radio Berg 14
59 RGR FM 14
60 Radio Rubi 14
61 Radio Ajara 14
62 Diva FM 14
63 Lakihegy Radio 14
64 Beat 102-103 14
65 Reflex FM 14
66 Radio GRA 88,8 FM 14
67 Radio Plus 14
68 Radio Top 14
69 92.9 Radio Mulheim 13
70 Story FM 13
71 Radio Zlin 13
72 Metropolys 13
73 Radio Pulse 13
74 Athens Deejay 95.2 13
75 Key 103 13
76 Radio Aire 13
77 Xpress Radio 13
78 Peelstar FM 13
79 Radio Decibel 13
80 Radio Lippe 12
81 Bayernwelle Sud Ost 12
82 Antwerpen fm 12
83 Radio City 12
84 Kiss 98FM 12
85 Radio SLR 12
86 La La Radio 12
87 Traffic FM 12
88 Yes! 91.2 12
89 Kapos Radio 12
90 Spin South West 12
91 Hallam FM 12
92 The Pulse 12
93 Viking FM 12
94 Tidaholm FM 12
95 Radio SAW Neuheiten 11
96 Radio Fantasy 11
97 DasDing 11
98 Novi Radio 11
99 Radio 100FM 11
100 Evasion FM 11
101 Radio Attitude 11
102 Espace Hot 30 11
103 Radio Oxygene 11
104 Easy 97,2 11
RadioAirplay.org - Report
Page 3
105 Republic 100,3 11
106 You FM 11
107 Frisss FM 11
108 Sudurland FM 96.3 11
109 FM104 11
110 Forth One 11
111 Tay FM 11
112 Radio Park FM 11
113 Radio One BB 11
114 Radiocentras 11
115 Radio Kiepenkerl 10
116 Kiss FM 10
117 Radio O24 10
118 Media FM 10
119 FM Goud 10
120 Trudo FM 10
121 Choice FM 10
122 Expres Radio 10
123 Radio 1 10
124 go!FM 10
125 EFM 10
126 Mix 98.5 10
127 Radio 8 10
128 Radio Espace 10
129 Radio Mont-Blanc 10
130 Radio Ucnobi FM 98,1 10
131 DeeJayNonStop 10
132 Radio Energy 96,6 10
133 Fortuna Radio 10
134 Radio Plus 102,2FM 10
135 Radio 538 10
136 Radio Ribatejo 10
137 Playdio 10
138 Radio Plai 10
139 Unser Radio 9
140 Radio Zwickau 96.2 9
141 Radio Rheinwelle 9
142 Radio Koln Hot Music 9
143 m94,5 9
144 Radio Azurra 9
145 Life Radio 9
146 Azad 106,3 FM 9
147 Radio Kakanj 9
148 Evropa 2 9
149 Radio Charlie 9
150 Power Hit Radio 9
151 Eazy 101 9
152 Happy FM 9
153 Magnum La Radio 9
154 Planete FM 9
155 Radio Menergy 9
156 Loud Radio 88.8 9
157 Cork's 96FM 9
RadioAirplay.org - Report
Page 4
158 RTK Radio Blue Sky 9
159 Radio Exact 9
160 Hiper FM 9
161 Sagres FM 9
162 Blue FM 9
163 Radio Košice 9
164 Oye Radio 9
165 Tex FM 105,5 9
166 89.0 RTL 8
167 Radio IN 8
168 Radio Emscher Lippe 8
169 94,5 Radio Cottbus 8
170 Fantasy FM 8
171 Charivari 98.6 8
172 ORF O3 8
173 Radio Antenn 8
174 Frekvence 1 8
175 Radio Aalto 8
176 Nice Radio 102.3 8
177 Voice of Abkhazia 8
178 Kiss 95,8 8
179 Radio Top 8
180 Radio City 96.7 8
181 POPradio 8
182 1FM 8
183 Radio F 8
184 Radio Sud 8
185 Radio Engiadina 8
186 Laluna 8
187 Radio Siegen 7
188 Radio Charivari 7
189 VIP FM 7
190 Radio Vogošca 7
191 Katra FM 7
192 Radio Diablo 7
193 Radio Limfjord 7
194 Skala FM 7
195 Ring FM 7
196 Sea FM 7
197 Hit West 7
198 MTI 7
199 Voltage 7
200 Zoo Radio 7
201 Sunshine Radio 7
202 Lett Bylgjan 7
203 East Coast FM 7
204 Kiss 101 7
205 Radio Martin 7
206 Radio Meloy 7
207 Radio Gasterlan 7
208 Muzyczne Radio 7
209 Radio Flaixbac 7
210 Radio Treby 7
RadioAirplay.org - Report
Page 5
211 Global FM 7
212 Geras FM 7
213 Radio Hitwelle 6
214 Radio Galaxy 6
215 Radio Erzgebirge 6
216 Radio Duisburg 6
217 Radio Bonn 6
218 Donau 3 FM 6
219 Radio NRG-A 6
220 Alpha Radio 6
221 Radio Globus 6
222 Tiger FM 6
223 Radio G! 6
224 Fortuna Plus 6
225 Radio Hot Chocolate 98,5 6
226 Aktina Radio 6
227 Vima FM 6
228 Nap Radio 6
229 Radio Smile FM 89,9MHz 6
230 96.4 Eagle Radio 6
231 The Voice 6
232 Radio Smaalenene 6
233 ElverumsRadioen 6
234 Radio Prešov 6
235 Bay Radio 6
236 Radio Vitebsk 6
237 Radio Gong 5
238 Radio Ennepe Ruhr 5
239 Radio 106 FM 5
240 Radio Reflex 5
241 Trendy FM 5
242 Fajn Radio Hity 5
243 Radio Krokodyl 5
244 ANR 5
245 Raadio Kadi 5
246 Loop 5
247 Direct FM 5
248 Fun Radio 5
249 LOR'FM 5
250 Radio Cicogne 5
251 Radio Transparence 5
252 Vallee FM 5
253 Power FM 5
254 Radio 6 5
255 Radio Antritt 5
256 FM957 5
257 Storm 106 5
258 Clyde 1 5
259 Metro Radio 5
260 Radio Salten 5
261 Radio Sim 5
262 Radio Eska 5
263 Radio Yes 5
264 LFM 5
265 Radio Prahova 5
266 DNR 5
267 Radio Top 40 4
268 Radio Neunkirchen 4
269 Radio Leverkusen 4
270 Radio EINS 4
271 Radio Chemnitz 102.1 4
272 N-Joy Radio 4
273 Hertz 87.9 4
274 CityRadio Trier 4
275 Welle 1 4
276 Radio FG 4
277 Star FM 4
278 Radio Jih 4
279 Contact FM 4
280 100% Radio 4
281 RTL2 4
282 Studio ZEF 4
283 Radio DK 4
284 Galaxy 106,1 4
285 Noize Radio 4
286 Viva FM 4
287 Radio 88 4
288 Live 95 4
289 Spin 103.8 4
290 Today FM 4
291 Reading 107fm 4
292 Radio Alta 4
293 BNN FM 4
294 Total FM 4
295 Radio 94i4FM 4
296 Radio Bielsko 4
297 Vanessa Radio 4
298 Xtra FM 4
299 Lite FM 4
300 Radio Zum 4
301 Flor FM 4
302 Radio Inside 4
303 iischers Radio 4
304 Mix FM 88.4 4
305 Radio Impuls 4
306 European Hit Radio 4
307 SR 1 Europawelle 3
308 Radio Oberland 3
309 Planet Radio 3
310 Radio Aurora 3
311 M.i.G 3
312 Radio Vega+ 3
313 Radio Egrensis 3
314 Radio Viborg 3
315 Ruut FM 3
316 Radio SUN 3
317 Activ Radio 3
318 Champagne FM 3
319 Frequence3 3
320 Mona FM 3
321 Oceane FM 3
322 Radio Cristal 3
323 RVM 3
324 Diesi 101.3 3
325 Dytikos 103,7 3
326 Heart FM 3
327 El-Do Radio 3
328 Sirius Radio 3
329 Signal 1 3
330 West FM 3
331 KULT radio 3
332 JarRadioen 3
333 Achterhoek FM 3
334 Airplay Radio 3
335 Simone FM 3
336 Radio Bon Ton 3
337 RMF FM 3
338 Radio Beta 3
339 Radio Kiss 3
340 Mataro Radio 3
341 Radio Capital 3
342 Radio Montealegre 3
343 Styl FM 3
344 Radyo ODTU 3
345 Magic Malta 3
346 XFM 100.2 3
347 Radio Pilatus 3
348 IP music 3
349 Radio Regenbogen 2
350 Vogtland Radio 2
351 Radio Dresden 103.5 2
352 Radio Brocken 2
353 Radio Bamberg 2
354 Nova Radio 2
355 Hitradio RT1 2
356 Radio Studio Piu' 2
357 AD Radio 2
358 ANS CM Radio 102 FM 2
359 Joe FM 2
360 Melody Radio 2
361 Zenith Radio 2
362 Radio Bonton 2
363 Radio Mojn 2
364 Marta FM 2
365 The Voice 2
366 Atomic Radio 2
367 Melodie FM 2
368 MFM 2
369 Montagne FM 2
370 Radio Inside 2
371 Wit FM 2
372 Fehervar Radio 2
373 Gong Radio 2
374 Ozone FM 2
375 Trio Radio 2
376 Arrow Caz! 2
377 Estacao Diaria 2
378 Radio Comercial 2
379 Radio Kołobrzeg 2
380 Europa 2 2
381 L-Radio 2
382 Radio Frontinus 2
383 Radio Viva 2
384 Zahoracke Radio 2
385 Si Radio 2
386 Radio Noroc 2
387 Mondo FM 101,5 2
388 Radio Brest 2
389 94'3 rs2 1
390 SWR3 1
391 Radio ffn 1
392 Radio Erft 1
393 Radio Bielefeld 1
394 Radio 91.2 1
395 Bremen Vier 1
396 Delta 1 1
397 Radio Subasio 1
398 Radio Maritima 1
399 Radio Numero 1 1
400 RBS 1
401 Med FM 100,5 1
402 Radio 8FM 1
403 SkyLine FM 1
404 Cidade FM 1
405 Oasis FM 1   406 Radio Fiume Ticino


AVA Live Radio Ft Lauderdale Fl.

Pulin4jazz.com  Las Vegas NV Live on air monthly radio interviews



Lonely Oak Radio

The Shift Radio UK

Now Hear this Entertainment Podcast Bruce Wawrzyniak radio interview 

Radiojohnbc UK

BTD Radio Network California

Number One Music

XmetalEmpireX   Part of their compliation album called Insanity with my song Space Arrest

Major Streams
Radio Station 

Canadian American Records/ Joey Welz CEO
MidAtlantic PA
Record Label 


Boston Rock Radio
Boston MA


Hot Mix 106 FM Cory marcus
Sacramento CA.

BWD Radio DJ Ms. V
Miami Fl

Channel Radio UK  Tinnie6 DJ

96.1FM The Source - Sophie's Spring Board Show

Radio Station 

Radio Station 

WUSF 89.7FM - Univ of S. Fla. Bulls Radio - House of Woodbury
College Radio 

College Underground Radio

Eat This ! Rock & Metal
Radio Station 

SouthWaves Radio
Radio Station 

Indie Radio Music
Radio Station 05/18/2015 

Madd Radio

Rocker’s Dive Radio
Webster, WI

Radio Station 


RadioInterDual (The Best Music Synergy )
Radio Station 


Kong Monster Rock - Larry Woodside
Radio Station 

WCPR Radio Network
Radio Station 

Crossing the Void Radio - Scott H.
Radio Station 


ArtistFirst World Radio Network - Alliance - Ohio Live on air radio interviews
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Hi Russell,
I'm sorry I took so long to get back to you.
I got your CD and T shirt. Thanks, I love both.
I have added your songs to the virtual DJ play list and made them available to all of our DJ's
Now it's up to you to get your friends and fans to tune in and request your songs.

Keep Rockin,
Lex Santana .. Owner and Station Manager


August 2015 in the Indpendent Music Network mainstream charts my song I See the Light was #1.
A very proud moment. Thank you, Debi Fee


Now my song Border War is debuting in the IMN charts beginning at #22




NumberOneMusic Charts | week 36, 2015

Hi Russell Foisy!

Congratulations, Your song in Top 100 N1M Charts!

Share a song to help it move up in the charts!



Thank you to Now This Entertainment Bruce Wawrzyniak podcast interview #81.

A live interview, please check it out. A shout to Kham, Julie Schafer, Robb Erickson and John Clare who I mention in the interview

Independent Music Network host Buck McCoy
Hear his shout out to Russell Foisy and play "I See the LIght"!

Link Below:

begins at 4:01 to 7:49 in and ends around the 13:50 mark

The email below was sent from Debi Fee with the IMN Network. She used to be a publisist for Dick Clark and was part of the Michael Jackson Victory Tour back in the day!

----- Original Message -----
To: <rfoisy@tampabay.rr.com>
Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2015 3:39 PM
Subject: Re: From Debi Fee/CHARTS/I See the Light#1

I knew it would happen for you. You earned it and you deserve it. Be sure to make copies of this chart. And start to think about your next release. But enjoy this right now. Debi

Sent from my iPhone

Independent Music Awards

WHAT A PROUD MOMENT, a dream come true, I See the Light is #1 on the Independent Music Network Syndicated Radio in Los Angeles. Thank You for all that placed votes, this means the world to me!! Thank You to Kham Loraamm, Josh Gould, and David Pezza who was the engineer on this song at Clear Track Studios. I am also in the LA Music Awards, please vote for me there. If I win a category, it could be a trip to Hollywood!

Congrats Russell Foisy! You've got a smoking tune. Is it your next radio single?
Find out for sure by getting your song reviewed by real, unbiased music fans.
Learn who your song resonates with so you can focus your marketing
outreach on attracting the right fans.

Hello MusicSUBMIT Artist --
Your music has been pre-screened and approved. Send your clean radio ready music to our station/publication by either:

(1) Send the CD to our address below
(2) Email us your mp3 (reply and attach to this email)
(3) Nothing - We'll download you via MusicSUBMIT.com
(4) Tag, Share, Comment, Follow us on IG, Facebook, Twitter @houseofwoodbury

We'll try to add you to our playlist or review page in the coming weeks.


WUSF 89.7FM - Univ of S. Fla. Bulls Radio - House of Woodbury
4202 E Fowler Ave. MSC 4300
Tampa,Florida 33620

Thank you for your submission to Coast 2 Coast Radio, powered by the largest mixtape DJ coalition in the world! We have added your track, Stomp the A.N.T.S., successfully!

Your song will now be added to rotation on our radio station, www.Coast2Coast.FM please check regularly for your song and feel free to share the page on Facebook, Twitter and any other sites you may have.

You can now track your song spin progress via our Coast 2 Coast Radio Chart

Your song will be tweeted out on the @Coast2CoastFM official twitter every time it plays so be sure to connect your twitter to your account and retweet us when you song comes on!

You can also submit your song for placement on a Coast 2 Coast Mixtape hosted by a Major Artist at www.Coast2CoastSubmissions.com

Please contact us with any question or concerns and thanks for choosing to promote your music with Coast 2 Coast Radio!


Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes
Office Phone: 1.786.953.6522

I See the Light is now #2 on the IMN Global syndicated Charts!!! (click here)


The Independent Music Network is a global syndicated radio show and I have the honor of my song "I See the Light" being ranked #4
on their mainstream charts in LA. Debi Fee is my contact and she used to be a publisist for Dick Clark, how cool is this?

Radio spin report for "I See the Light" from radioairplay.org

Check out Russell's introduction around 43:28 into the show (link below)

Good Evening Russell,

I have added your info/links to my website (alternative, rock, *hard rock *includes Progressive) and Melanie will add you tomorrow to her UK website. When an artist signs up with us we also add their free downloads so I added "Two Feet on the Ground" under Free Downloads.

I will also be playing "Angel" & "I See the Light" on Monday, June 22nd show which starts at 3pm eastern and goes for about an hour.

Please share the link for the show so your friends/fans can listen in:


Have a blessed Sunday!

Online Interview with T. Dawn & BTD Radio in CA (click here)

Hi Russell,

Here is the link to listen to the show again on mix cloud www.mixcloud.com/EGHRadio/annes-rock-show-2/
Please listen for my song Border War to close the show with 4:00 minutes remaining

Many thanks,



Current Top Ten - Radio Johnbc ‘Artists Stream’
Link to website

1. Kirra - Forgive Me

2. Russell Foisy - Border War

3. Leon Triplett - Motown

4. Russell Foisy - Angel

5. Leon Triplett - Wife

6. Russell Foisy - Space Arrest

7. Leon Triplett - Winter Time

8. Daina Shukis - Cruise Control

9. Russell Foisy - I See The Light Intro and I See The Light

10. Russell Foisy - I`ve Never Been Down


Check out this Russell Foisy Interview with ArtistFirst Radio Network

Hi Russell,

I will play Border War on my live show on Monday.

Many thanks,

Anne, EGH Radio



Just wanted to let you know that you are the current Radio Johnbc.com featured artist:-

Please use the above link in any online promotions, etc.






Reverbnation Comments

Radio Johnbc Promotion Flyer

Recent FM Radio Airplay with Coast 2 Coast FM

Your song was just spun on the Pop station!
Station Link: Coast 2 Coast FM Pop - Russell Foisy - "Ive Never Been Down"

Your song was just spun on the Rock station!
Station Link: Coast 2 Coast FM Rock - Russell Foisy - "I See the Light"

Your song was just spun on the Country station!
Station Link: Coast 2 Coast FM Country - Russell Foisy - "Cones"

Your song was just spun on the Rock station!
Station Link: Coast 2 Coast FM Rock - Russell Foisy - "Border War"

Recent FM Radio Airplay

1. KAFM Grand Junction, CO Added 21.KBOO Portland, OR Added 41.KUCR Riverside, CA Added
2. KAOS Olympia, WA Added 22.KBGA Missoula, MT Passed 42.SiriusXM New York, NY Awaiting Feedback
3. KCSB Santa Barbara, CA Added 23.KBUT Crested Butte, CO Passed 43.KUWS Superior, WI Added
4. WMNF Tampa, FL Awaiting Feedback 24.KCSS Turlock, CA Added 44.KVMR Nevada City, CA Added
5. WERG Erie, PA Added 25.KDNK Carbondale, CO Added 45.KWCW Walla Walla, WA Light
6. KDHX St. Louis, MO Added 26.KEOL Le Grande, OR Added 46.KWMR Point Reyes Station, CA Added
7. WWUH West Hartford, CT Light 27.KISL Avalon, CA Added 47.KWSB Gunnison, CO Added
8. KXCI Tucson, AZ Added 28.KKCR Hanalei, HI Light 48.KXZY Stillwater, OK Added
9. KPFT Houston, TX Light 29.KLPI Ruston, LA Added 49.KZMU Moab, UT Added
10.KDVS Davis, CA Added 30.KHSU Arcata, CA Light 50.KZSC Santa Cruz, CA Added
11.KALX Berkeley, CA Passed 31.KMNR Rolla, MO Added 51.KZUU Pullman, WA Light
12.KAXE Grand Rapids, MN Passed 32.KPFA Berkeley, CA Added 52.WBAR New York, NY Added
13.KANM College Station, TX Added 33.KPSU Portland, OR Added 53.WBGU Bowling Green, OH Added
14.KSER Everett, WA Light 34.KSCL Shreveport, LA Added 54.WBRS Waltham, MA Added
15.WPKN Bridgeport, CT Awaiting Feedback 35.KSCU Santa Clara, CA Added 55.WBZC Pemberton, NJ Added
16.KBCS Bellevue, WA Passed 36.KSTO Northfield, MN Added 56.WCBN Ann Arbor, MI Added
17.WKZE Red Hook, NY Passed 37.KSUA Fairbanks, AK Added 57.WCSB Cleveland, OH Awaiting Feedback
18.KMUD Redway, CA Added 38.KSYM San Antonio, TX Added 58.WCWM Williamsburg, VA Added
19.WRFR Rockland, ME Light 39.KTAI Kingsville, TX Added 59.WDBM East Lansing, MI Added
20.KFAI Minneapolis, MN Added 40.KUCI Irvine, CA Added 60.KOUG Vancouver, WA Added


Russell Foisy tops the charts!

"Hi, Russell! Can you do a station ID for us? Something like, "This is Russell Foisy, and you're listening to The Globe." That would be amazing! The new chart is in (I've attached it -- take a look), and "Two Feet on the Ground" has hit No. 8 based on listener likes and airplay. I love the track. It sounds somewhere between alternative and Adult Album Alternative, very unique. By the way, we are now the 19th highest-rated Adult Album Alternative radio station on Live 365!"

Francois Beaumont
Program Director/"The Globe"

Format: Adult Album Alternative

TOP 30 CHARTS – Week of October 13th, 2014

1. ALL OF HIS LOVE – Powder Blue
2. LOVESONG – Adele
3. VOODOO WOMAN – Charley & Jesi
4. NAKED LADY – Whitney Ann Jenkins and Her Platonic Guy Friends
5. TALKING IN YOUR SLEEP – the Romantics
7. DON’T YOU (FORGET ABOUT ME) – Simple Minds
8. TWO FEET ON THE GROUND – Russell Foisy
9. EASY COME EASY GO – Michael Stosic
10. NO MONEY DOWN – Lou Reed
11. A SIMPLE LIFE – Kirsten Manville
12. DARK TO LIGHT – the Frank Horvat Band
13. RAPTURE – Blondie
14. THE BELLS OF ST. ANTHONY’S – Anne-Marie Murray
15. MASK – Tyrolin Puxty
16. EVERYBODY WANTS TO SAY I DO – Town and Country
17. COMIN’ HOME – the Sundrops
18. THIS IS WHERE I WANNA BE – Sharon Marie Cline
19. COUNTRY LOVERS – Bob Sprowston
20. CALL ME – Blondie
21. HEY JACK KEROUAC – 10,000 Maniacs
24. THE HOUSE THAT NEVER WAS – Kelsey Semone
26. PARTHENON DRIVE – Echo & the Bunnymen
27. GONNA BE THERE – Victor Steele
28. GIRLFRIEND – Luke Carter
29. MAGIC – Coldplay
30. MOONSHINE – Bruno Mars

Hi, Its Paulo from XMetal EmpireX

We release compilations with the tracks of our members.
The sales of your tracks achieved thru our compilations are credited to your account.
Also, it helps to promote your band over our social network and 3rd party websites.

So, we would like to license one of your track for a compilation:

Track: Space Arrest
Grand Of Rights: non-exclusiv
Territories: worldwide

for the Compilation: XMetal EmpireX - Insanity

Hi Russell Foisy,

Your songs have been getting heard!

Here's how your current campaigns are performing!

Russell Foisy - I See the Light

Thank you for your music submission.
It has been included in this month’s playlist and is airing approximately 3 spins per day.
Your song can be heard between (Sunday through Friday):
·       4:30am EST and 6:00am EST
·       2:30pm EST and 3:30pm EST
·       9:00pm EST and 10:30pm EST

Best Regards,
Music Director
College Underground Radio

Thanks Russell I will play I've Never Been Down on my live show on Monday.

Best wishes,



Russell Foisy hotmix 106.com promotion

Thank you Russell, we put I See The Light in the 10 play a day radio segment.
- Cory Marcus


Emily K.
Station Producer


My name is Emily and I am the producer here at WGTS-DB, The Gud Tymez Radio Network. WGTS-DB airs in L.A, Vegas, Denver, Phoenix, St. Louis Vancouver and streams online worldwide. WGTS-DB is ranked in the top 8,321 radio stations in the US. We are a talk and Top 40 radio show, so our guest list has included some of today's top entertainers such as Jay-Z, Jae Millz from YMCMB, Marques Houston, all the way to TV VH1's K. Michelle and dozens of others. WGTS-The Gud Tymez Radio Show is a registered radio show with BDS, BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, Nielsen, Arbitron, and billboards. Also are members of the NADB and IAIB associations for broadcasters.

I came across you and your music on Twitter and would like to extend our hand by helping you promote. You should put your music to The U Store http://www.us1magazine.com/#!the-gud-tymez-show-u-store/c1dxd

The U Store is a product placement store that provides consistent traffic, and allows shoppers, web views, and music seekers to view your product. You may ask, how does placing my product on the U store help? If you have your product on iTunes, datpiff, eBay, Craig list, etc there is no way to be sure that your product is being properly promoted? Your product is not the only product to be promoted and marketed, they don’t single handily promote your product. Leaving you no choice but to promote it yourself, therefore WGTS-DB is willing to help.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I'd love to help you out!

Tune in and listen to the show.


hiya Russell i ll be spinning you
tune Angel today 10pm gmt 5pm best 2pm pst on www.channelradio.co.uk ... for more update check
my twitter @tinniesix thanks
Channel Radio - www.channelradio.co.uk

Here is an example of what Radio Airplay/Jango Internet Radio Fans have to say:

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