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{ July 8, 2017 }

A Word from Russell

"Hi everyone, I hope you like my website, the design and the tracks on my home page. Please visit me on fb, twitter, you tube, instagram and Reverbnation.   All artists out there, you should be on social media to highlight your talent and songs. See you here soon!  Best, Russell"

{ May 13, 2017 }

Music is Ageless

"Please remember music is ageless, I heard someone say to me one time "I am past my prime" No way, there are singers, songwriters and musicians in their age 80's and 90's jammin today as we speak. BB King and Chuck Berry alive were performing in their 80's. I wrote a song called Stomp the A.N.T.S. primarily about people telling you can't do this or you can't do that. YOU CAN, it is better to try and fail than to not try at all. Remember,a song is a lyrical story and you have many stories to write, sing and perform. Have a great day "

{ March 27, 2017 }

Open Mic

"What is this you may ask? This is a great platform to sing or play your instrument in front of people. I just started co hosting an open mic in a venue called Organic Life Coffeehouse and there are so many great open mics. My friend Harvey Myers, check him out on Reverbnation, hosts the most successful one I know at Nauti Nancy's Restaurant in Clearwater Florida. Sometimes gigs are hard to come by and in open mic, you just sign up and play a couple of songs. This will build confidence with your performance and it is a lot of fun, you will meet new people and possible some new fans as well. Good Luck!"

{ January 26, 2017 }

"First blog of the New Year, Happy 2017 everyone. I hear often from artists, "I do not want to pay for someone to play my music" Let me explain this process. Advertising is essential for any business, think of this as paying to advertise your brand. Reverberation is a great example of an incredible online platform that allows you to promote your music at a very economical cost. You can also send your press kits with songs, videos, social media stats and press for gigs and many decision makers in the music industry.

Back in the day, record labels paid DJ's to play their artists music. I like the phrase return on investment and I am also an entrepreneur, if you have a passion for your craft, you go for it and dream one day, your songs receive major mainstream FM airplay or ends up in a movie or TV. You have to spend money to advertise and build your music brand. If you ever get a chance watch the TV show Shark Tank, here the entrepreneur pours their heart out seeking an investment from the sharks, the key here is all of them have spent their own money to build their invention, their dream and product to sell. The same applies here with your music. Get your music out there and everywhere, pay to advertise your music brand. Remember No Risk, No Reward."

{ December 29, 2016 }

"As you play live shows and gigs, you have a long set list of original and cover material. In our set list we practice a 90+ song list to try to get the timing and the performance the right way. The memory of cover song lyrics is always a challange, the use of the lyric stand well position so you are not staring directly at it, is ok. I could use a ipad or small tablet, but I am nearsighted, meaning small text at a distance is difficult to read. For example, the orchestra players use sheet music stands to play their compositions. The piece of equipment is common place.

I position my stand at an angle to my left side, just in case I have to quickly glance or get stuck. Your head and eyes should always be directed at your audience in the performance. I would study daily all the lyric words of your songs in repitition,with the final goal of full and complete."

{ December 27, 2016 }

"Where are the revenue streams in music today? They are still present, gone are the large volume numbers of cd sales. The CD can be sold at your gigs and online, but the massive sales numbers are gone. You can use your cd as a calling card and investment with all of your tracks. This has to be professionaly recorded and mixed. Here is where the music revenue is:

1, Digital downloads on itunes, apple, amazon, google play for 0.99 each.
2. FM and web based radio airplay royalties
3. Songwriting publishing royalties
4. License your music through radio and tv and all forms of media
5. Playing gigs,selling cd's and merch
6. Become a producer of other artists (I am a producer of two other artists)

Keep in mind 100% cover bands do not qualify for 1-4 and 6, as they are not original lyrical artists. Please remember work hard to advertise your music through all forms of social media, as you would any start up business. If your music is out to the world for people to hear, you never know. No risk, no reward."

{ December 18, 2016 }

"You are a singer,songwriter and do not play a musical instrument. Your voice is an instrument, as you control key, tone and pitch, the same as an individial uses their fingers on guitar chords. Take care of the voice and there is one combination with coconut oil, pure lemon juice and honey, microwave for 1 minute. This will coat,soothe and clean your vocal chords. I have spent so much time writing, recording and vocal practice, there is no time remaining to pick up a guitar and play. I will at some point, with the help of my friend Kham, learn the fine art of the acoustic guitar. Be very proud of only being a singer,songwriter, if this is your choice"

{ December 10, 2016 }

"Being in a traditional four or five piece band can be a great experience or not. You are one fourth or one fifth say, so your creativity could be voted no by other members. Historically look at all the groups that had issues with egos, opinions and creativity differences, it is a shame. Do you remember Steely Dan, famous for Peg,Aja, Deacon Blues,Reelin in the Years, Rikki Don't Lose that Number and many more hits, well their core group were two people Donald Fagan and Walter Becker. When they recorded in studio, they brought in great musicians and live in concert they brought on stage great musicians to perform, but the core group "Steely Dan" were only two members.

Russell Foisy and Kham Loraamm follow the same model, Kham provides awesome guitar, bass and violin for all of my works and as we record under our separate names with our own original title and song lyrics in studio we utilize and we surround ourselves with great musicians such Josh Gould, Spencer Bradham, Colleen Bradham, Leon Morley, Harvey Myers, Gary Michal Sintes, Desiree and Joshua Sherman, Jamie Antanano and many more, but our core group remains as two.

When we perform live we call ourselves Artists One Show https://www.facebook.com/artistsoneshow/ here we combine Russell's original songs, Kham's original songs, classic covers and current alternative covers, keeping it fresh and versatile through the set list. Kham & I bounce ideas off each other and always on the same page and allowed each to be creative without the no vote. In the future we may record a cd under our Artists One Show performance name with both of our works on the same cd. Be free to be creative and follow through on your thoughts, this is freedom of expression in the arts."

{ December 9, 2016 }

"Songwriting is a wonderful process as an original artist, the title, verse, chorus and or bridge lyrics should tell the complete story. I take great pride in the listener fully undertsanding what the song is about. You start with a blank pad or a blank word document, oh no, what do I do? Take the pressure off right away, I have not completed a song ever in one set time frame. You may want to put the headphones on and listen to some cool music, as you write. I like emotion, life experience and current events as subjects. There is plenty to write about here in these three categories.

I always start with the chorus, then each verse and if you are stuck without thought, save what you have and revisit at a later time. No pressure. You cannot be productive when you are struggling for words. There is no better feeling when your entire song is complete, an ahhhh moment."

{ December 7, 2016 }

Welcome to Russell's Blog, here I will discuss the music industry and as an artist myself, where we are today. Stay tuned and check in for new blog entries. Here is my first one:

"As an original singer songwriter, the first step is to professionally record your songs and the only place to record is Clear Track Studios in Clearwater Florida http://www.cleartrackstudios.com/ even if you have to fly in, this experience will make a lasting impression. People that are 100% vested in your creativity and craft. In 2012, I walked into Clear Track and inquired about my first project to record my own cd with original songs. Please be sure to get in plenty of practice before booking your studio session, as time is valuable for you and your engineer. There is only one, I will work with and this is Spencer Bradham, please ask for Spence. Here you layer the track, first with a click track, guitar, bass, sound effects, vocals, drums in this order. Your sessions are usually five hours and it will be very difficult to complete one song in this time frame. After each session, you will receive a bounce down cd, so you can listen and make potential edits".